The walk out

Candice Nolan / Jul 2, 2019

The walk out

I haven’t blogged about my daughter in a while. She has officially entered the “terrible two’s”. This is to be followed, say those in the know, by the “threenagers” and the aptly named “fuc**ng fours”.

Yippee for me! In any event, she’s taken to screeching, spitting, hitting and throwing things whenever she can’t have her way. Following her recent outburst, I put her in the naughty corner. She promptly walked out.

The books don’t say what to do in the event that they openly defy your attempt at discipline. So I went with my gut and firmly put her back in the naughty corner. I later explained why she was there in the first place and made her apologise.

Parenting. A novel. Definitely fiction.

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