The wheel is turning

Candice Nolan / Dec 15, 2019

The wheel is turning

I write to give feedback on two consumer issues I’ve complained about recently. The first had to do with baby soap I had purchased from Khoelife. The second has to do with a near death experience in an Audi A4. Take note of the tense. One has been resolved, the other is in progress.

Khoelife eventually came back to me to say that they would refund me. They claim to have sent the product for tests and that they came back clear. Nevertheless, I am happy to put the matter to rest at that. It took them six months to resolve my complaint. So, needless to say, I will not be a repeat customer.

With regards to Audi I am getting my refund. The service manager finally agreed. He insisted that his guys are not responsible for the nuts coming loose. But he had little to say when I pointed out that they should have picked it up at the very least. I also managed to get a commitment for a refund from Dekra, who performed a roadworthy test on my vehicle five days before the incident happened.

an image of my left front wheel with missing nuts

On the morning of the incident, I had gone to the dealership to get my license disk sorted. It turns out that the saleslady didn’t bother sending it for a roadworthy when she sold the car to me. Within minutes, the second hand dealers squeezed me in at the testing station around the corner. This means my vehicle was “inspected” on the very morning that my wheel nearly popped off!

Nevertheless, they sent me on my way to get my license disk, which I received an hour before the incident! And to add insult to injury, my vehicle was at the dealership earlier that same week for an inspection of my front brakes. Which inspection also failed to pick up the missing wheel nuts!

Now, sure, I could take my refund and run for the hills. Far away from Audi and their “safety record“. Ha! It seems they didn’t think of the wheels coming off. But hey, at least they have those airbags and crash dummy tests! Right! Wrong! Audi’s motto translates as “Being Ahead through Technology” Perhaps, they do need to reinvent the wheel. Go back to basics.

I am so shaken by the whole incident that I haven’t been able to get behind the wheel without experiencing a panic attack. Every jolt. Every bump. And I’m jumping out the car to inspect my wheels but then not believing my eyes, kicking them to be sure. I am too frightened to even consider going on the freeway.

Someone asked me what I hope to achieve with this whole thing. I don’t know if I can ever get my peace of mind back. But I hope that this will never happen to anyone else. That Audi will get their ship together, and adhere to minimum safety standards. That the dealership won’t get away with murder.

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