These little hands

Candice Nolan / Sep 12, 2017

These little hands

What a beautiful gift! My psychologist has just helped me realise, that children are truly a gift from God. I think back to that moment in my birth story, when I let go and let God, and “the angels delivered my baby”. That’s how my mom put it. I like it.

And if she is a gift, then God chose me to be her mother, Morris and I to be her parents. That certainly puts things into perspective. This little light was gifted, despite myself. So, all my fears of mucking things up are unfounded. All I need to do, is to love her completely and make sure her needs are met. 

On Sunday, my dad snapped a picture of her praying for her lunch. And, this morning, she blew me a kiss when I left for work. She is so clever! Those inquisitive little hands, constantly discovering, testing the environment. But it’s not all sparkly fingers! She has the uncanny ability to find the most tender spot on one’s arm and deliver a wrenching pinch! 

It’s wonderful to see that little personality shining through. I reckon she has her father’s temperament. She happily takes things in her stride. The recent example being weaning her off the breast.

Picture for cuteness.


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