Candice Nolan / Sep 6, 2017


I am having a decidedly bad day. An indulgent nap in the morning, taking advantage of the cleaning lady to watch the baby, seriously messed with her schedule. She hardly napped before swim class, and managed a paltry 20 minutes in the car on the way home.

Mealtimes were an uphill battle, while I dealt with a sleep deprived infant. Sigh. I feel really frustrated that things didn’t go according to plan. I had to dump her lunch, macaroni and mince, after several well meaning attempts at feeding it to her. It was not baby’s fault. Maybe she just didn’t feel like eating. She happily took the boob when offered.

Still, I can’t wait for nana to come home. This sahm thing is definitely not for me. Well, not right now anyway. I feel grossly inadequate and ill-equipped to deal with baby. Today is a definite thorny day, unpredictable and prickly to uncomfortable. The doctors warned me, there’d be days like this. Sigh.


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