Thorny with a patch of roses

Candice Nolan / Sep 6, 2017

Thorny with a patch of roses

Life is never all bad or all good. After my last post, I came to realise that truth. Once I quit trying to force her to eat, offered her breastmilk, and let her be, we had a rather pleasant time.

She takes joy in really simple things. Like playing with my shoelaces or running my pants straps through her fingers. I love how she can explore her environment with such fascination and wonder. 

Right now, she is standing, propped up between my legs, swivelling herself about to survey the space. I guess she enjoys the view. Crawling is her preferred means of getting around, but the views are limited.

There’s a major power outage, involving a fire at a substation. The lack of electricity doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. Perhaps, I should take a leaf out of her book. Although, we can’t all survive on breastmilk! Ha!


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