Where am I now?

Candice Nolan / Oct 2, 2017

Where am I now?

So many people have been asking me how I’m doing. It’s given me pause for thought. 🤔 My psychologist (I am seeing a different one, from my church) said that she prayed about it, and God told her that my love for baby has settled on my shoulder and is slowly permeating my being. So, no big “Aha” moment, where we feel bonded to each other. Expectation versus reality.

I don’t know if the meds are just doing their job, or if I am getting better. I feel more grounded. I take life on life’s terms. I enjoy baby more. It’s a marked difference to how I felt shortly before I was hospitalised. I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated at times. On that long roadtrip, it was my job to keep a constrained active baby entertained. There were plenty of trying times. But I was far less judgmental of myself, and I stopped self flagellating about things like that. We made the most of life’s perfect imperfections.

My relationship with my husband has also improved. We’ve really been through a fiery furnace. And there are probably more trying times ahead. Our love is growing and his support is steadfast. I have much to be grateful for.

So, yes, relatively speaking, I am doing great. Thanks for the love.


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