White Lie

Candice Nolan / Nov 12, 2017

White Lie

So little sesame told her first whopper today! I thought she was too young for such subterfuge?! But alas!

It happened thus. I was enjoying some potato crisps. She was clutching the baby -friendly version in her hand, but still she made a beeline for my hand. I held it out of reach and said, firmly, “No, this is mummy’s chippy. Where is baby’s chippy?” And she flung her little hands in the air, as if to say it was all done.

She typically makes this gesture to indicate that something is either finish or gone. We all burst out laughing! She tried it! According to the science, she is too young to lie. Perhaps it was a fluke?! Or maybe she’s just ahead of her time? infamy? Yikes! 🤔😐

She is simply adorable. I’m falling deeper in love with her everyday! Blessed!


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