Wild and free

Candice Nolan / Oct 9, 2017

Wild and free

Our little explorer has got her adults all figured out. Yesterday, in Church, she didn’t get sleepy halfway through the service (as is her custom). Instead, she wanted to play. We tried to contain her in the pew, but she wasn’t having it.

So, mommy took her to play in the aisle. Crawling, exploring, just being free (under careful supervision, with minimum disruption to the service). Later, when we were at a huge department store, she insisted on my holding her. She knew that daddy would carry her and refuse to put her on the floor. But with mom, she was free to roam and interact with some demo car toy that was on promotion. Note to self: white is always a bad outfit choice for baby!

In the mall, she complained about her vantage point inside her carseat, set in the trolley. So we decided to put her in the kiddies seat of the trolley. Boy, was she impressed! She could see all the activity and squealed with delight at the novelty of it all. 

I’m slowly gaining confidence as a mother, carefully weaving my parenting style as I go along. She is alot more interactive and its lovely to watch her marvel over things we often take for granted. Most importantly, I think I have the secret for tear-free shopping expeditions with babies/toddlers. 😉 I’m a natural!


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