Worth less?

Candice Nolan / Feb 21, 2020

Worth less?

So my sister cancelled her playdate with #BabySesame. It was her idea to begin with. Turns out, she double booked and has a braai to attend. I nixed the plan to take #BabySesame along and that was the end of that. Trouble is, I already told #BabySesame about it. I hate disappointing her.

But it’s my reaction to this whole situation that’s got me thinking. I was immediately offended. I felt like my sister was rejecting me. Cancelling on me. I stopped myself from giving her a piece of my mind. And I realised an important thing, it’s not about me. And she wasn’t doing it to me. In fact she wasn’t doing it to anyone.

She’s young and naive. She has her priorities skew. And she’s selfish. What I can do, is avoid getting my hopes up in the future. And avoid disappointing the little one by underpromising and overdelivering! I put way too much stock in my familial relationships.

I spend therapy sessions talking about past hurts and slights. They absorb me. And I refuse to continue to live that way. I am looking for ways to get the best out of the days of my life. To stop and smell the carbon emissions. To be grateful and to grow.

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